Racism rears ugly head on social media

Social media racists to derail years of nation building Government condemns the increase of racist posts on Facebook and Twitter, which hinders the progress made towards a new, democratic and transformed South Africa. Human Rights 2017 was marred by reports of racism as South Africans were still recovering from a racially-fuelled altercation between two parents…

The Silent Abuser

A great post by two beautiful and phenomenal women.

“If all of the terrible things I said to myself on a daily basis were said aloud by the person I loved, that person would be a sadistic and selfish abuser.”

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I have never truly respected my body. I’ve loathed and despised it almost since I was even a child. I hated my knobby knees, gangly limbs, and flat chest. When I got older, I disguised my flaws with push-up bras and bobby pins and makeup. Hours were spent sculpting my hair and concealing my blotchy complexion. High heels tortured my toes but accentuated my calves. And tanning beds temporarily cured me of my vampiric pallor. I trussed myself up, presenting my body to the world all photoshopped and enhanced. And even then, I still hated the way I looked.

I thought I wasn’t sexy because everyone who was fatter than me made themselves feel better by saying, “Men don’t want to have sex with a stick.” Society began to imprint in my brain that being skinny was being sickly. I felt healthy. I ate anything I wanted and never gained…

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Brent Meersman Deconstructed

Fun, straightforward and witty are some of the adjectives I'd use to describe Brent Meersman, a renowned Cape Town reviewer and critic. To showcase his love for food, he reviews restaurants such as Masala Dosa. Upon reading the review, I was pleasantly disappointed. I wanted him to describe the ambiance, décor and location. Expectation: The…

‘Everything is changing’

The trains have not been running successfully due to the strikes. I have resorted to using taxis in the morning to get to class and a bus in the afternoon to get back home. It's a chilly Friday - my friend, Rishi and I are walking to the bus stop. I feel something tugging gently…

Autism Awareness Month

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have Autism?! Well, Poeturja uses her talents to helps us to understand. "Autism is knowing you are safest locked alone In your room Where no one can hurt you But the curse is Like everyone else You crave society…" *Read the rest of her post and check…