It has always been a dream of mine to complete a marathon. However, I am in no physical condition to do so. The best thing I could do, was to promise myself that I’d at least complete a 5 kilometre run.

FREE fabric softener! Courtesy of Comfort Aromatherapy Fabric Conditioner Vanilla Orchid. Image from

My training schedule was bizarre and erratic: I went for one run, and I probably ran about 400 metres max! After that race, I was convinced that I would die, if I had to run the 5k. My trainer and brother, advised me that I should just do the walk. It was disappointing to know that I couldn’t run a 5k, but I was still excited about participating in the event. Besides my lack of commitment, I also didn’t have any running (or comfortable) shoes.

Regardless of everything, I signed up for the race on my own … When I had to collect my race number, I received a complementary pink t-shirt and a bottle of Comfort fabric softener.

I was surprisingly calm as the days quickly passed. Next thing I knew, the 9th of August had arrived. It was a beautifully sunny day: nice and warm with a cool breeze. I wore my pink t-shirt, grey and pink tights and my Vans. My dad accompanied me to the event even though he had not signed up for the race. While we stood in the queue, waiting for the race to start, we were kept company by an enthusiastic MC who blasted great tracks. At 08:10, the horn went off and we were off.

My dad walked with me as we tried to slowly break away from the pack. Along the trail, we were greeted by warm and friendly ushers. People waved and cheered us on from their doorsteps as our legs greedily swallowed the tar.The beads of sweat slowly started to make their way down my forehead as we were informed that we had only walked a kilometre! I started to panic because my legs were already aching. There was a band of African drummers who provided live entertainment along the trail. We eventually reached the 3k mark . I was so excited to see the finish line within sight, that I started running towards it. My dad and I were running side by side, but I left him behind as I focused on the task at hand: finishing the race in under an hour.

Motivational bracelets by Total Sports. Image by Blogspot

After 45 minutes, the race was over. I had finished within my time frame and my dad had completed the race with me, even though he wasn’t prepared. There was live entertainment by Shekhinah Donnell, but we unfortunately had to miss that.

We did a few mild stretches after the race to reduce the risk of injury. Seeing as we finished within cut-off time, we received cool bracelets. Mine says, “Women Run the City” and my dad’s one says, “I’m the Movement“.

The event was well-attended and the TOTAL SPORTS Women’s Race will definitely be seeing me at their next event!

The beauty of the event was that people although people came there for different reasons, we all shared a common goal: we were going to complete the race in honour of everyone who has been fighting breast cancer and the phenomenal people at PinkDrive, who are dedicated to educating and raising awareness about breast cancer.

PinkDrive, South Africa’s best-loved Breast Cancer Community Carer, is the indispensable, tangible breast cancer Non-Profit Company (NPC), powering South Africa’s mobile Women’s Health Mammography and Gynaecology Units. PinkDrive’s underlying message is ‘Early Detection Saves Lives’.

To the first of many more Fun Runs!

Thanks to all the sponsors for a great event, especially CellC who gave me 500 MB of free data 🙂

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*The TOTALSPORTS Women’s Race took place at Grand Parade, Cape Town on Tuesday, 9 August 2016.

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