Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have Autism?! Well, Poeturja uses her talents to helps us to understand.

Autism is knowing you are safest locked alone

In your room

Where no one can hurt you

But the curse is

Like everyone else

You crave society…”

*Read the rest of her post and check out her awesome blog by clicking on her name.

Image by The Autism Helper 


9 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Month

  1. If autism is knowing you’re safe alone in your room where nothing can hurt you, but simultaneously being cursed because, like everyone else, you desire society (the company of others), that’s a feeling I know well, even though I’m not autistic. As a kid, I often felt safest in my room, either because my mother was slamming and throwing things downstairs or because my grandfather wanted to grab me between my thighs and make inappropriate remarks.

    I can’t imagine a person thinking he or she is safe only when alone in his/her room, when there’s nobody who actually wants to hurt them. I wanted society as a kid, I would have loved to have friends, but I would have had to get past my mother (and whatever she was wielding as a weapon) and my grandfather (and his grabby hands & the thing in his pants) to actually get out of the house and play with other kids. I can’t fathom that there are people sitting alone in rooms, wanting to get out and live, but unable to get past I don’t even know what (seriously, I don’t know what it is in or about autism that makes them that way) and being prevented, being made to remain on the periphery of everything.

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  2. Thanks for commenting! Sorry for the late reply … With regards to (some) autistic children, they are socially awkward. They might just start screaming or acting inappropriately. Once on Botched, this one lady hardly ever went out because she felt ugly and she had an autistic child.

    You had a very tough childhood, but thankfully you’ve turned out to be quite the remarkable lady (from what I’ve read on your blog at least). If you’ve ever suffered from depression and you felt like the walls were closing in, then you would know what comfort your room or solitude provided.

    Hopefully, I’ve made sense.

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