None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Seed Experiences, for that I give you guys a heartfelt ‘Thank You’.

This is the Pros and Cons section, ‘the review’ is a separate post.

I have no problem writing good things about Seed Experiences and #GeorgeEzraSA, but nobody’s perfect, so there was a few things that bugged me:

  1. It seemed that the R290 difference between General and Premium was that they (Premium) had running water. When asked about the water situation they (Seed Experiences) answered with ‘ We will notify Carnival City management asap‘.
  2. You had to be over 18-years-old to enter the Refreshments area. They mainly had alcoholic beverages. Water, Coke and Sprite were the only other options.
  3. You couldn’t buy your own water or cold drinks if you were under 18 as you were denied access. As was the case with this festival goer:

    A complaint by fellow concert goer
    A complaint by fellow concert goer

4. As it was an event for all ages, I thought they would have more non-alcoholic beverages. My brother wanted to choose his own cold drink, but there really wasn’t an option.And as I said before, he wasn’t allowed to enter.

Personally, I prefer to be sober at festivals or concerts to remember everything! And I don’t drink gas as well, therefore, my only option was water. Oh the endless possibilities … I could have enjoyed some juice with the kids.

What I like about you:

  1. When the Premium members was standing in the wrong queue, someone personally escorted them to their Premium tent.
  2. Our bags were searched to ensure that we had a great event without any unplanned ‘surprises’.
  3. We all had a spot under the tent where the stage was. Really appreciated that as it looked like it could rain at any time. Fortunately it didn’t.
  4. Great selection of food trucks – my belly and wallet agreed.
  5. It was a family orientated event even though my 8-year-old brother was particularly moody on this day.
  6. Going home … you guys managed the traffic brilliantly! We all had our turns and we got home safely, without incident.

I’m really happy I was one of the people who received those tickets – definitely a night to remember! Thank you once again Seed Experiences for yet another great event 🙂

We had a GREAT time. Thank you guys once again … First Bastille, Ben Howard and now George Ezra. This is definitely not the last you guys will be seeing me. I look forward to more concerts you guys will organise.

-Christine Diampovisa


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