Hello beautiful people! I trust that we’ve all had a good week?!

I apologize for not blogging last week. But I’m here to make it up to you guys with a three-part story, hence the title. But not to worry, my story is about love and how crazy it makes us. Once this is out-of-the-way, I will blog about George Ezra, who will be gracing me/us with his presence next week Saturday!! #ClapOnce.

Mike and Jenn have been married for almost four years. The day when he saw her in that coffee shop, he knew he had to marry her. He’d seen her sitting in the exact same seat in her favorite coffee shop every time … She had an aura of mystery about her; something he found irresistible.

As of late, Jenn felt that her husband seemed distant, distracted. But she put it down to the fact that his job was very stressful and demanding. She worked a regular nine-to-five job at a publishing house – she loved reading! Anything that she could get her hands onto. After being encouraged by some friends, Jenn suggested that they try to spice up their relationship by having a date night once every week and that they could live out some of their fantasies in the bedroom. At first, everything went well. Mike committed to the date nights and to spicing up their Love life but eventually it became evident that he saw these dates as a chore. One evening, she asked her husband what the problem was because she could feel him slipping away and she wasn’t prepared to let him go yet.

‘ I just feel so useless. At work I get ordered around like some kind of dog or something, it feels as if nobody respects me or my opinions …’ with that being said Jenn kissed her husband good night while she contemplated salvaging her marriage. About a week later, she suggested that maybe he could dominate her because she respects and loves him. When he agreed, Jenn’s heart sank because she wanted her husband to stay, but at what cost? She reluctantly went along with the plan, but she wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep this charade up for. Mike seemed happier while,Jenn could feel herself slipping away. She lost her vigour for life but she desperately wanted her marriage to work (Jenn hates giving up on people). The fact that Play Time gave Mike so much pleasure convinced Jenn that it was worth it. But she could not continue to live like this …  

' Pre-show back stage snap in Montreal's great Canada ' James Bay's Facebook page (image supplied by)
‘ Pre-show back stage snap in Montreal’s great Canada ‘
James Bay’s Facebook page (image supplied by)

‘ I used to recognize myself
It’s funny how reflections change
When we’re becoming something else
I think it’s time to walk away’ –

Let it go by James Bay

While Jenn was fighting for her marriage, her husband found a new hobby or should we say extra marital activity. Mike came across the infamous Ashley Madison website where he met Beth. When you’re holding onto something or someone too tightly, they either drag you down with them or allow you to lift them up. There’s no two ways about it and in this instance, Mike was dragging Jenn down. She knew he didn’t love her anymore but she couldn’t understand why because she had given so much of herself to make this marriage work.

‘There must be someone else … but who? He hardly has time to sleep, let alone cheat!’ thought Jenn. She wanted to confront him on countless occasions, but she was not ready to deal with his response. The reality of her marriage was that she knew it was over but that he wouldn’t make her believe this. Mike started taking on extra work to avoid being home. Try as she might, Jenn had to face the fact that her marriage was over and it was now up to Mike to save it.

Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine
Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine


 ‘Make up your mind
Let me leave or let me love you
While you’ve been saving your neck
I’ve been breaking mine for ya’
The power is on, the guillotine hums
My back’s to the wall – go on, let it fall
Make up your mind
Before I make it up for you’

  • Make Up Your Mind by Florence + The Machine

… End of Part One …

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Let your minds wander at the possibility of tomorrow.

-Christine Diampovisa


6 thoughts on “It takes three …

  1. The picture of James Bay caught my attention (because who doesn’t love a beautiful guy with a spectacular voice), but I genuinely love this (I’ve always been a fan of your mind, anyway). I’m honestly curious to see where this goes and how I could link this to psychology (I can work and play at the same time, right).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you appreciate James Bay for the musician that he is … Thanks Cindy! Hopefully I won’t disappoint. I’ll use you as my on site Psychologist-in-training, in future… Rumour has it he might do a show in South Africa.


  2. A good read! I especially like this; “When you’re holding onto something or someone too tightly, they either drag you down with them or allow you to lift them up.”

    Liked by 1 person

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