What a week! Everyone should breathe a collective sigh of relief if you’ve made it through another week.

In honour of Women’s Day, I would like to honour Liang Liujuan and to reflect on how far women have come.

Everyone was struck with grief when we heard of the killing of Baby Jordan. ‘Who would do such a thing? Why? An innocent child, a life lost’ were some of the sentiments. In 2005 Jordan Leigh Norton’s death was planned by Dina Rodrigues, The Mastermind. Dina was so infatuated with Neil Wilson (Jordan’s father) and how knowledgeable he was when it came to the world. The sun rose and set in Neil’s eyes, he was the perfect man. But he had one flaw, a flaw that would drive Dina insane with jealousy – Neil had an illegitimate child with Natasha Norton. Dina had to tolerate Natasha’s existence but Jordan’s existence was unbearable, he would always bind Natasha and Neil together. This was not the future that Dina envisioned for herself. It soon became apparent that her love for Neil was unhealthy; her behaviour was erratic and psychotic. A 24-year-old woman began planning the death of a six-month old baby. The amount of joy these thoughts brought … it was cathartic.
Dina then proceeded to look for an assassin, but where could she find one? The taxi rank of course. There, by the terminus she asked around about hiring an assassin. Someone who could her problem disappear. In 2007 Dina Rodrigues was sentenced to life in prison. Her motivation behind the killing:

We cannot let our love for someone else cause people pain.

‘I’m addicted to you,
Hooked on your love,
Like a powerful drug
I can’t get enough of,
Lost in your eyes,
Drowning in blue
Out of control,
What can I do?
I’m addicted to you!’

I am petrified of escalators and elevators, but that’s a story for another day. It’s common for shopping malls to have escalators and elevators, but we don’t expect them to swallow us.

30-Year old Liang Liujuan, a full-time mother, her 2-year old son and husband went shopping in Jingzhou, central China’s HubeiHubei Province. Whilst ascending on the escalator, Liang could feel the escalator not being able to support their weight. Several female employees stood at the top of the escalator as they approached them, they seemed to be waiting to be waiting for them. Towards the end, Liang pushes her son towards the women who dragged him to safety, while another woman tries desperately to pull her up but their efforts are futile as she gets subsequently swallowed by the escalator. One woman hastily removes Liang’s son and another woman goes to call for help. Fire fighters spend hours trying to free Liang. When they eventually get her, it’s too late as she is already dead.

Liang Liujuan was a phenomenal woman and a great mother. She sacrificed herself so that her son could live. What motivated these women was the love that they had for the men or boys in their love. Love is the underlying factor. Why do we do anything? Well, it’s simple …

It seems that love makes us do crazy things and it allows us to make the greatest of sacrifices as well.
It seems that love makes us do crazy things and it allows us to make the greatest of sacrifices as well.

‘Love is the answer to the questions in your mind
If you looking it’s the answer that you’ll find

It’s the only thing that everybody needs
It’s the only thing that makes us truly free’

Happy Women’s Day everybody. Hope it’s a good one. Let your minds wander at the possibility of tomorrow.

-Christine Diampovisa


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