It’s feels amazing to be writing my first blog post! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and now I’ve been forced into it by my brilliant lecturer.

People sometime fail to remember that words have power, a comment that was meant to be a joke could actually hurt someone’s feelings, but words can also motivate people. I remember in Grade five we had to do an impromptu Afrikaans oral, I was so nervous that I literally forgot my own name, some of the kids laughed at me saying ‘Why do you even bother …’ and that was what motivated me to master the language of Afrikaans or just perform better in that subject than those who laughed at me. I’m not saying that you should say mean things to people and pretend to motivate them. All that I’m saying is choose your words wisely because you don’t know how it impacts the next person.

I really love music, so I’ll try my best to include a quote from a song that I drew my inspiration from.

                                              ‘These tears I cry sure won’t be the last
                                                       They will not be the last, no
                                                  This pain inside never seems to pass
                                                       It never seems to pass me by’

Music inspiration. (
Music inspiration. (

Let your minds wander at the possibility of tomorrow

– Christine Diampovisa


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